Coffee berry borer trap, Dominican Republic

Case study Identity Card 

Long title: BROCAP, coffee berry borer trap
Impact assessment: ex post
Geographical coverage of the case: Dominican Republic (National)
Research department: Bios
Research unit: Bioagresseurs
Case study team: Bernard Dufour (CIRAD, Bioagresseurs), Renaud Lancelot (CIRAD, CMAEE), Hélène Rodriguez (Istom, intern)
Years covered: 1997-2008

Case study description

The innovation under study

The BROCAP trap is used to capture female coffee berry borers (Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari) during their migration flight after the coffee harvest. Reducing the population of coffee berry borers is a key challenge for coffee growing because infestations cause considerable harvest losses every year.  BROCAP is a trap especially designed to capture coffee borers in tropical areas. It consists of a funnel into which the coffee borers fall and a capture container into which they are drawn, protected by a lid. Coffee berry borers are attracted by an attractant mix emitted by a diffuser. This trap is used in Latin America, the Caribbean and various countries in Asia and Africa. This case study focuses on the processes of dissemination, appropriation and its impacts in the Dominican Republic.


Stakeholders involved in the innovation process

Research stakeholders: CIRAD ;PROCAFÉ : Fundación Salvadoreña de Investigaciones del café (Salvadorean Coffee Research Foundation)
Exploitation/transfer of research results :CIRAD? valorisation department until 2008;Theme-based Technology Transfer Consortium (CVT) «Valorisation Sud» (since 2013)
Institutional stakeholders :PROMECAFÉ (Regional institutional relationship) : Programa Cooperativo Regional para el Desarrollo Tecnológico y la Modernización de la Caficultura en Centroamerica, Panama, Republica Dominicana y Jamaica, et institutional partners
- In Dominican Republic :CODOCAFÉ : Consejo Dominicano del Café (Dominican Coffee Concil);IDIAF : Instituto Dominicano de Investigación Agropecuaria y Forestal (Dominican Institute of Agricultural et Forestry Research)
Other :Factories (private firms) :
- Salvador : Salvaplastic and Gamma
- Mexico : AMSA (Mexican subsidiary (ECOM group))
- Indonesia : IndoCafCo (Indonesian subsidiary (ECOM group))
- Dominican Republic:FERQUIDO (Fertilizantes y Quimicos Dominicanos;Industrias Quimicas San Francisco

Stakeholders impacted by the innovation process

In Dominican Republic
Value chain stakeholders : Dominican coffee grower;Operators of the Dominican coffee sector
Institutional stakeholders : CODOCAFÉ : Consejo Dominicano del Café (Dominican Coffee Concil)

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