Groundnut breeding and seed production, Senegal

Case study Identity Card

Long title:  Improved varieties and seed production techniques for quality groundnuts in Senegal. A survey of the stakeholders on the impact of research
Impact Assessment: ex post
Geographical coverage of the case: Kaolack region (South of the Groundnut Basin, Paoskoto village and other villages : Wak N’Gouma, Keur Baka, Latmingué, NGandé
Research department: Bios
Research unit : Agap
Case study team: Danièle Clavel (Cirad, Agap), Mateugue Diack (UGB), Khadim Touré (intern UGB)
Years covered: 2003- 2015

Case study description

The innovation under study

The long privatization of the groundnut sector (1995-2005) in Senegal led to a difficult transition in the value chain notably around the reconstitution of the "seed capital" that continues in Senegal today. This period of reconstruction was supported mainly by the European Union (EU) and Word Bank.  It is in this context that the pilot R & D operation conducted by Cirad in collaboration with the farmer organization ASPRODEB, in Paoskoto and extended to other villages around was implemented between 2003 and 2008.  It was intended to test crop management techniques and measuring the socio-technical feasibility and economic sustainability of the production of quality groundnuts in order to contribute to  improved incomes. The innovation assessed by the impact study includes the direct and indirect consequences of the Pilot Operation of Paoskoto and linked projects i.e.  new varieties, integrated quality approach and the new modes of organization of the seed production for family farmers.


Stakeholders involved in the innovation process

Value chain stakeholders : groundnut producers and groundnut seed producers, ASPROBEB (Farmer Organization)
Research stakeholders : University Gaston Berger (UGB) of Saint Louis, ISRA(Bambey)
Institutional stakeholders : CORAF

Stakeholders impacted by the innovation process

Value chain stakeholders : groundnut producers and groundnut seed producers

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