Organic residue recycling, Reunion (France)

Case study Identity Card

Long title: co-design of regional organic residue recycling scenarios
Impact Assessment: in itinere
Geographical coverage of the case:The community of five municipalities Territoire de la Côte Ouest, representing the western quarter of the tropical French volcanic island La Réunion.
Research department: Environments and Societies (ES) and Performance of Tropical Production and Processing Systems (Persyst)
Research unit : Recycling & risks / Green
Case study team: Tom Wassenaar (CIRAD, Recycling & risks), Jérôme Queste (CIRAD, Green), Danielle Barret (CIRAD, DG)
Years covered: 2010-…

Case study description

The innovation under study

The project explored the potential of integrated management of various residues (e.g. livestock manure, agro-industrial waste, municipal green waste, sewage sludge) on a regional level to provide products that satisfy both farmer preferences and crop fertilizer needs. The short-term development objective was to produce consolidated integrated management scenarios.

The main intended innovations were (1) the implementation of a product-oriented region-wide organic residue management system for western Réunion or beyond, and (2) the adoption of the resulting fertilizers by various farmer groups. Impact assessment is still underway but one major outcome could be a contribution to a region-wide change in paradigm as regards how organic residues are considered: from hazardous waste or “cheap but unreliable fertilizers” to inputs for a local fertilizer industry. “Unintended” innovations were explicitly encouraged by the open process, designed to maximize workshops as learning opportunities.


Stakeholders involved in the innovation process

Value chain stakeholders : most organic waste producers, fertilizer producers and agricultural stakeholders of the community of municipalities
Research stakeholders : CIRAD
Institutional stakeholders : local, regional and national government representatives

Stakeholders impacted by the innovation process

Value chain stakeholders : all organic waste producing sectors and the fertilizer sector of Réunion, involving agricultural, industrial and commercial stakeholders
Research stakeholders : CIRAD and INRA
Institutional stakeholders : local, regional and national government representatives
Other : transfer & innovation cluster Qualitropic

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