Sorghum breeding, Burkina Faso

Case study Identity Card

Long title: Participatory Sorghum breeding
Impact assessment: ex post
Geographical coverage of the case: Two administrative regions of  Burkina Faso ( Boucle du Mouhoun and Centre-Nord)
Research department: Bios
Research unit: Agap
Case study team: Gilles Trouche (CIRAD, Agap) , Kirsten Vom Brocke (CIRAD, Agap), Ludovic Temple (CIRAD, Innovation), Marion Guillet (Sorbonne, intern)
Years covered: 1995-2010

Case study description

The innovation under study

This innovation consisted in adapting participatory breeding methods to the context of sorghum production in Burkina Faso. More precisely, it defined and implemented a participatory multi-stakeholder research approach to 1) create new well-performing sorghum varieties meeting the quality standards requested by users, and 2) support farming organizations in setting up decentralized production of improved seed, enabling the wide dissemination of the new sorghum varieties.

The innovation process thus comprised two types of innovations:

  • Process innovation: implementing participatory breeding methods in this context.
  • Product innovations: creating new varieties and organizing local production of quality seed.

This innovation was achieved by pooling exogenous knowledge of sorghum and breeding techniques from research, and the local knowledge and skills of other stakeholders, mainly farmers, in terms of the cultivation and use of sorghum in the agro-ecological and market conditions of the areas concerned.


Stakeholders involved in the innovation process

Value chain stakeholders : Sorghum-cereals
Research stakeholders : CIRAD, INERA, ICRISAT
Civil society stakeholders : two farmer organizations (AMSP and UGCPA-BM)
Institutional stakeholders : Ministry of Agriculture, livestock and water resources
Others : individual or small groups of farmer-breeders, farmer-tester and seed producers

Stakeholders impacted by the innovation process

Value chain Stakeholders: Farmers (sorghum growers) of the target regions and other regions, sorghum seed producers, farmer organizations, seed cooperatives, small agro-business companies.

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