Ex post

  • The ImpresS ex post method: a co construction process with our partners

    The ImpresS ex post method was developed within a strategic project at CIRAD, called "Innovation-Impact", which aimed at constructing an impact assessment framework that would be adapted to the partnership modus operandi of CIRAD, and to develop a "culture of impact” in the institution.
  • Principles and tools

    The principles of ImpresS ex post method are (1) case study analysis, (2) contribution analysis, (3) an iterative and participatory building of evaluation tools, and (4) analyzing capacity strengthening process. The two main tools mobilized in the ex post method are the innovation story and the impact pathway.
  • A five-step method

    The ImpresS ex post method is structured in 5 main steps : preparation, confrontation, construction, measurement and validation.

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